Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

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Stop using mascaras, heated curlers, and serums because the time is up! Don’t torture your eyelash anymore with those temporary and time-consuming products to flaunt your fuller lashes. Thanks to the famous and trendy service widely known as eyelash extensions. It will provide your eyelash fuller and wispy look without the inconvenience of mascaras and falsies.

If you are going for getting lash extensions for the first time, then it is important to have some queries before the appointment. Don’t get so pumped to walk out with bigger, fuller, and fluttery lashes. However, having knowledge of something you want to do helps you to choose the right way to do it. To find out how to prepare yourself before going for eyelash extension, and what other facts help you to get a better understanding of it, keep reading our article.

Introduction to Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension is a semi-permanent lash treatment that gives your lash a full princessy look. In this extension service, lashes are glued on top of the natural lashes. Individual artificial lashes are attached to each natural hair using glue to give your lash a darker and more realistic look. Famous and popular extension salons provide quality glue like Jiakou, a Korean product that helps extensions to stay bonded and adhere faster and strongly to the natural eyelashes  The materials which are used for creating lashes include mink, silk, and synthetic fibers. To make the various options available for the client, most eyelash extension salons provide plenty of extension lengths, tints, and curls patterns, so their clients can easily customize their look.

Different Styles of Lash Extensions

There are two main options available in styles such as hybrid and classic lash extensions whenever you’ll go for getting your eyelash extensions done from the best lash extension salons. According to your preference for the density, length, and curls of your extensions, your eyelash professionals will give you a suggestion on which will be perfect for you. A good Eyelash extension salon will help you choose the right extensions based on the shape of your face, your natural lashes, and your bone structure.

Classic lash extensions refer to every single lash hand-glued over each individual natural lash in order to provide a divine look for your eyes. If you wish for more volume, professionals will attach a few more, which are known as volume lash extensions or fan lash extensions. But if you go for hybrid lash extensions, a combination of two where professionals will use single lash as well as fan lashes to add more volume and attached it on the top of the natural lashes. If you are not still sure which you will choose, you can ask for some photos of the eyelash professional’s work to decide what exactly you want.

Different Types of Eyelashes Used in Lash Extensions

There are mainly two types of lashes such as Vietnam and Russian lash extensions you see when you go for getting lash extensions. Vietnam lash extensions look different from Russian lashes. When you go to the extension salon, they will show you a bunch of single lashes which add volume and length to natural lashes and create a dramatic look. By adding multiple extensions to your natural hair lashes, create a fuller appearance. Russian lashes are lightweight and airly lashes made of synthetic hair that are applied to individual natural lashes. It creates a natural look. You can add more than one lash to your natural strands.

Eyelash Extension Process

When you are at any eyelash extension salon, you always wonder whether they maintain any hygiene or what products they are going to use, or how it will be worked. So, it is better to ask the lash artists all these queries before heading to the eyelash extension process.

For lash extensions, glue is one of the most important elements because it will attach lash extensions to your natural lashes and make them fuller, darker, and long.  If the lash salon use glue consists formaldehyde they immediately cancel the appointment because it can be the cause of infection, redness, irritation, and also swollen eyelids. Instead of it, if your artist uses glue made of octyl cyanoacrylate and butyl cyanoacrylate, then confirm the appointment.

During the consultation, lash artists will discuss all the eyelash extensions’ pros and cons before applying them to your natural lashes. Even they will want to know if you are suffering from any kind of rashes or irritation around your eyes. If you have any, then they will recommend you do your eyelash extensions some weeks later.

They should ask what kind of extension you expect before starting the procedure. Depending on your dream look, you will decide the density of the curl and the length of the extension. Before starting to apply the semi-permanent eyelash extensions, artists will lie down and ask you to close your eyes. Then they will clean the area to remove all the dirt and germs.

At the beginning of the process, artists will apply an eye gel under the lower eye line to keep your lower eye line out from it. Then they will give your eyelash a crisp white background to work against. To secure your eye gel, the tape will be attached to both sides of the eye. While applying the tape, it will not touch your lashes and it doesn’t hurt on removal time.

With tweezers, the artists will grab each artificial lash and dip it into the glue and place it on top of every single natural lash. As per the preference on volume, artists will add multiple extensions to the natural lashes and let the glue dry. At the end of the eyelash extension process, they will brush it up and ask you to slowly blink. Then voila! A Fuller and big eyelash dream will become true.

The Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

Beauty treatment hype has been around for a long time, did you know that all the treatments have some pros and cons? It is always a balancing act. So, here we’ve gathered some information on the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions which are discussed below:

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • With eyelash extension services, you can go outside without applying any mascara and false lashes. Because after the extensions, you don’t need any kind of products to make your eye look fluttering and gorgeous.
  • You can customize your look by choosing what kind of curl or length you wish for.
  • After getting your lash extensions done, you can’t wet your lashes at least for 24 hrs. But after the required time ends, you can able to swim, and shower without worrying about wearing off your lashes.
  • The whole extension process is pain-free from start to end for everyone.

Drawbacks of Eyelash Extensions

  • Require specific maintenance process
  • The glue can be a cause of eye irritation and eye rashes.
  • Cost is one of the primary issues.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Like how natural hairs grow, eyelashes also follow the same cycle of regrowth and shedding. Each lash is in a different stage of its life span which means when some of the lashes are getting ready to fall out, there are some of them are in the growing stage. As you know individual extensions are glued to individual natural lashes, the extensions will fall out when natural lashes start shedding. During this time, if you control yourself from rubbing your eyes, applying mascaras, or any kind of oily products then your eyelash extension will last up to a month. Once it starts falling out, you can go back to your lash artist for refilling to get the best results.

The Eyelash Extension Cost

Getting eyelash extensions done depends on the lash artists, salons, and locations. Mostly, the longer you wish your lash will be, the cost will get higher. As you know at some point, your eyelash extensions will fall out. So, you will need to refill again by investing more money in it.

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Tips

As a good investment, eyelash extensions require some maintenance. After the eyelash extension process is done, ask your lash artist about how you can maintain it. They’ll give some aftercare tips. Though here we are giving you some common tips which are required in order to maintain your eyelash extensions which are given below:

  • After getting your lash extensions done, you need to stay away from the water at least for 24 hrs. Don’t use mascara for at least 24 hrs.
  • Don’t use any kind of oily products all over your eyes while having lash extensions. Oli-based products include make-up removers, cleansers, oil serums, and more.
  • Don’t stay long in the shower for too long because the weight of the water can damage the extensions.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching them because it can cause premature breakage.
The Final Takeaway

So, don’t hurry! Take time to think about it. If you feel like mascaras are not enough to fulfill your desire of having a princessy look, and you are up for the extra maintenance, then eyelash extensions are your thing. You can find the best eyelash extension services in Kolkata or you can google “eyelash extensions near me”, it will show you some best results, so you can choose. We wish this guide will help you to get a better understanding of eyelash extensions before you take the plunge.