Hair Extensions: What You Need to Consider About Them

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You might see that celebrities get their mermaid hairstyle overnight, but how it could be possible? The answer is that it can be possible with one and only hair extensions. It used to be a sophisticated ornament for celebrities but in the era of social media, an ever-evolving obsession with hair has helped to make it popular among common folks.

For those who are struggling with growing long hair then this solution makes their dream come true. You may not sing like Ariana Grande or Nicki Minaj, but you recreate their hair look with hair extensions. It doesn’t only add length and volume to your hair, but also you can experiment with various hairstyles like strands of reds, bangs, or clip-in bangs. Before pumping up your look with hair extensions, you need to know some facts about them. Here, we have gathered some information that will give you a better understanding of hair extensions, their types, process, and aftercare.

Introduction to Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are made of real human hair, which helps to increase your hair length and add volume and color to your natural hair. Also, it can be used as a coverup for bad haircuts. You don’t have to cut your natural hair to change your look when you have different hair extension styles. Some extensions are long-lasting, and even some last up to a year before the removal time. So, if you wish to use hair extensions for a long time period, then you need to choose the best quality hair extension salon that provides you with long-lasting hair extensions matching the texture and color of the natural hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions you can get to see when you are in the right hair extension salon. All hair extension types are not only for adding length to your original hair, but it also helps to boost your confidence level and give you a red carpet look. If you are ready to get a hair extension done, then you need to weigh up the pros and cons of the different types of hair extensions. We have compiled a list of hair extensions types along with pros and cons which are mentioned below:

Micro Ring Extensions

It is considered one of the most popular methods of hair extension attachment. Micro Ring extension is a small bunch of hair that is tied up with a metal loop to attach the extension to your natural hair.

Pros of Getting Micro Ring Extensions

  • It is secured close to the root of your original hair, which means it blends seamlessly with your natural hair.
  • With proper maintenance and aftercare, you can reuse the extensions.
  • While attaching the extensions to your natural hair, no heat or glue are needed for it. So, your hair will be damage-free.

Cons of Getting Micro Ring Extensions

  • These kinds of extensions are not perfect for short hair.
  • Micro Ring extensions can be the cause of straining on the scalp.

Hair Tinsel

This is the most popular trend which was famous in the era of 1990s, now it is back again. Hair tinsel aka fairy hair is a piece of shimmery and glittery tinsel which is attached to your natural hair using microring. The way, tinsel gives shine, and color to the tree on Christmas, like the same way it is added glittery, and shiny look to your natural hair.

Pros of Getting Hair Tinsel Extensions

  • If you are scared of getting hair color, then hair tinsel is the best option for you.
  • It is safe to use
  • It is heat resistant which means you can curl, and straighten your hair wearing it in your hair.

Most Common Facts to Consider Before Getting Hair Extensions

You might get many benefits from hair extensions, but before getting one done, you need to consider the following facts:

1. Choose the best Hair extension salon

If you want long-lasting and quality hair extensions, then it is better to choose a professional hair extension salon because, with years of experience, they can provide you with what is right and perfect for your natural hair. Before you wreck your hair treatments at any local salon, think twice. So, it is important to research well before choosing the right hair salon for getting hair extensions.

2. Hair Extensions Costs

Hair extensions can come in many different types and their costs vary from one type to another, as well as from where you get your extensions done. The attachment process and maintenance of high-quality, hand-tied hair extensions will be more expensive than those made of synthetic materials and the extensions will look more natural and last longer.

3. Shettle with Matching Natural Hair Colour

After you choose the right hair extension salon for you, you need to consult with the professionals about what kind of hair extension you want and the color of the extensions that should match your natural hair. Most hair extension salons offer plenty of range of colors so that clients can find the right shade for their hair. As well, many hair extensions feature low lights and highlights that add depth and tone without requiring any additional treatments. They can definitely make you look different without having to undergo any other procedures.

The Final Takeaway

At the end of the day, it is important to take care of your natural hair. So, don’t compromise with anything when it comes to beauty treatments. Get help from professionals to ensure that you are on the right path. Getting hair extensions done by professionals can change your look drastically. So, it is important to know these common facts before getting hair extensions. We hope this article will help you to understand it better.