Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting Nail Extensions

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In our busy and exhausting life, we almost forget how to take care of ourselves. You might get frustrated with typing all day in a corporate office and the nails of your hands start wearing away. Before your life gets lost in all charms, do whatever it takes to fulfill your fantasies. So, no more waiting! To get a photogenic nail, start your journey with the popular nail extensions salon in Kolkata.

One of the most attractive ornaments for a woman is getting pretty nails. May it be a party, a trip, or just a casual outing with friends, women like to show off their nail art to the world. From popular celebrities to your friends, nowadays it is not even unusual to find a woman wearing nail extensions. But many people don’t know where the nail extension phenomenon comes from.

In ancient times, Egyptian women started to get their nail extensions done with the bones of ivory which is referred to as a symbol of wealth and status. But according to some annalists, they wore it for impressing their men with their look. From ancient times, it keeps your nail longer along with boosting confidence and happiness. If you are a newbie in that matter and you are not sure what exactly nail extensions are, then we’ve got you! In this article, we have gathered all information about nail extensions for you.

Introduction of Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are one of the most popular accessories among women. According to them, designing with different nail arts defines who are they and brings confidence to them which they are searching for a long time. For people who are suffering from long-nail trauma, nail extensions are the best therapy for them. These processes are one of the most secure, safest, and great ways to enhance your beauty. It doesn’t only provide long and healthy nails, it can be used as a protection for easy-breaking nails and nail-biting. There are plenty of different types of nail extensions you get to know when you are at the best nail extension parlor in Kolkata. We’ve discussed some types of nail extensions below.

Different Types of Nail Extensions

Nail care is something that most people don’t give that much attention to, but it has a major part in grooming and presentation. When you go to a nail art salon, they bring the best out of the nail art and nail design. There are some major types of nail extensions you can get in the best nail extensions salon in Kolkata which are discussed below:

1. Acrylic Nails:

For the ones who have dreams of getting long and dramatic claws like Kylie Jenner, then the acrylic nail is the perfect option for them.  If you want a definition of acrylic nails, then you need to learn first about what are acrylics. So, we have put some words together to make it understandable for you. Acrylic is a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that make the form of a paste that will be attached to your natural nails. The blob of the dough gives your natural nails a unique shape, length, and thickness.

2. Gel Nail Extensions:

Like acrylic nails, gel nail extensions also add extra length to your natural nails but have a much easier nail extension removal process, and moreover, carry less risk of damaging nails. For gel nail extensions, artists use a molecule known as an oligomer that has the consistency of honey. Artists apply the hard or semi-hard gel as cured and sculpt with LED light. Then give a shape to add extra length and strength to the nails.

What is the Difference Between Gel Nail Extensions and Acrylic Nails?

These are the most two common options you’ll get whenever you go to the nail extensions salon. So, to understand the difference between acrylic nails and gel nails, you need to learn about both of these types before. Acrylic nails require a paste of polymer and monomer. The monomer has an odor that is unpleasant for some clients. On the other hand, gel nails have zero existence of odor and moreover, it is cured by LED/UV light.

If you choose acrylic nails, it tends to be harder than gel nail extensions because it is made of a combination of polymer and monomer and it feels like dough. At nail salons, they use dip powder on the natural nails which tends to be more damaging to the nails. But if you choose gel nail extensions are much softer and more flexible than acrylic nails.

Nail Extensions Pros and Cons

As you know what are nail extensions and what types of nail extensions, now it is time to look into what are the advantages and disadvantages you’ll face after getting your nail extensions done.

Advantages of Nail Extensions

Nail extensions give your nail a pretty and unique look that you dreamt of for quite a long time. It doesn’t require any ridges as natural nails. You don’t have to shape, buff, and polish it before applying nail gels. You can relax and be free after doing nail extensions because it gives your natural nails a smooth and colored surface.

It also prevents your brittle nails and reduces your nail-biting habit. If you leave your broken nails without giving them any protection then they can be infected by day-to-day routine objects. Quality nail extensions work like a shield for brittle nails. If you get your nail extensions done from the famous nail extensions parlor in Kolkata, your natural nails can recover without giving you any stress on the health of your hands.

Disadvantages of Nail Extensions

If your nail extensions are not properly applied, then your natural nails can get infected. If your nail professionals use adhesives and unsanitary tools, then your nails can face fungal infections which can grow between artificial nails and natural nails. It can be expanded to other persons by touching something and eating any food from one plate. It can become a threat to the health of your natural nails and nail beds.

The feeling after getting your nail extensions done can be unpleasant in the beginning. But with time, you’ll get used to it. For the first time, when you try to touch the surface of the nails, a strange sensation you’ll feel. Most people face problems performing everyday tasks.

Things to know about Nail Extensions

Firstly, when you decide to go to any nail extensions salon, you need to consider some facts. Go to proper and renowned nail salons or nail artists to experience the best quality nail extension services. Here are the most common things you need to know before getting nail extensions which are mentioned below:

  • Have Knowledge about the Nail Extension Types
  • Nail Extensions Prices
  • Have Knowledge of How Long Nail Extensions Last

1. Have Knowledge about the Nail Extension Types

Before indulging and splurging yourself with cosmetic treatments, you need to know what options you’ll get in the best nail extensions near me searches. There are mainly two types of nail extension services you can expect from the popular nail extensions salon in Kolkata which includes gel nail extensions and acrylic nail extensions.

Gel nail extension is created with the help of gel nail polish. An artificial nail is glued with your natural nails in order to add extra length. Then your nail artist will print with various nail styles including round nails, square nails, rounded square nails, ballerina nails, oval nails, squoval nails, stiletto nails, almond nails, and lipstick nails, and cured with UV lamp.

Acrylic nail extension is created by using a form of a paste which is made of liquid monomer and powder polymer. Then the layer is brushed on the natural nails to add a projection, a unique shape, and length. After it gets dried off, your nail artists will print various nail art designs on the surface of the nails. So, you need to choose which nail extension process you want to get in your nails.

2. Nail Extensions Prices

If you are new at nail extensions, then you need to be aware of this fact. You need to know nail extensions are not too cheap. The nail extension prices range between Rs. 800-1500/- onwards. It can be very expensive or affordable which depends on your choice. However, nail extensions take much time to finish it. The process can take to fix your nails at least 1-1.5 hrs. So, keep some time on your hands before going for the best nail extension salon.

4. Have Knowledge of How Long Nail Extensions Last

Before getting your nail extensions done, you need to know that it is not permanent. Any type of nail extension lasts a maximum of 4 to 5 weeks which also depends on the quality of the nail salon you choose. After some weeks, you can see a gap between your artificial nails and the nail nails as they start growing. Then you need to choose whether you want to refill it or remove it. However, If you go to the popular nail extension salon, they will provide you an aftercare process where they will provide you with cuticle oils to keep your cuticle soft, hydrated, and moisturize.

The Final Takeaway

The nail extension is something that makes you addicted to making your nails pretty and gorgeous all the time. But getting nail extensions again and again can make your nails damaged. So, are you ready to damage your actual nails? Pretty sure, the answer is no! Then let your natural nails breathe once in a while. But for a new look for your nails, head to Nail Story by Priyanka, which has been rated the most popular nail extension salon in Kolkata. If you’ve been neglecting your nails for a long time, our professionals are always ready to pamper them.